I’m an art director and designer based in Austin, Texas.
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Print Design

Before moving back to Texas, I worked with the wonderful folks at Our Man In Havana in New York City. Every year we created a holiday gift for our clients to show our appreciation for their trust. The criteria were simple: it had to be something cool that made clients smile and it had to be something custom we made ourselves, holiday stress and time crunch be damned.

In 2017, we thought it would be great if we could schedule one hour each day to spend coming up with the next brilliant idea. But as the prologue to the book says, alas, it's just not possible to schedule when greatness will come to mind.

Nevertheless, we created a calendar/datebook with an added 1-hour slot we named "The Hidden Hour," that appears at random times throughout each week. And we added plenty of blank pages in the back for when the moment does strike.

(Work created at Our Man In Havana)

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